A private pro bono* wealth coaching practice with clergy, church employees (professional & hourly), retirees & their survivors, and those recently fired by churches

Bring peace into your financial life.

Save your marriage.

What are your dreams?

How are you going to make and meet goals which will fulfill your dreams?

"The reality is, half of Americans can't afford to write a $500 check."

- Tyler Duren zerohedge.com 3/16/17

A Note From Richard:

"I have a deep knowing of how deep the hurt & pain of pastors is and the struggles they are having with money."

Financial coaching allows you to grow in your money bossing and wealth building.

All adults can be their own money boss!


What Is Covered?

You are in control.

We deal with your dreams, goals & fears.

I coach I can't play your game.
You are in control.
I'll show you how to tap your power.

How This Works

I am willing to coach in person or on the phone with those who are willing to be coached.

If you are married & living together, both must participate.

I can give you up to four sessions of two hours spread over eight weeks.


Contact me by email boss@moneybosseasyreader.com


are money wisdom for adults with limited reading skills in free PDF eBooks.

Who is Richard F. Hicks?

Here are a few lines that describe me:

"...The Lord has shown me that he wants me to be a new kind of fool in the world..."
- St. Francis

"...weird people, zealous of good works."
- Titus 2.14 AV with help by RFH

Be weird.  Weird is wonderful.  Weird is funderful.
- Richard F. Hicks

Giving is the most fun I can have clothed not involving fat, sugar, or chocolate.
- Richard F. Hicks

Debt makes cowards of us all.
- Richard F. Hicks